2019 6th ICTMC Winner


2019 國際咖啡杯測大師賽總冠軍 - 卓瑞賢

Hello, My name is Cho  Joih Sien from Taiwan. You can call me Xiao Cho.

My family is coffee farmers, I have been planting trees since I was a child. 

There is a coffee shop in Kaohsiung, Taiwan called "Yishanmu Coffee".

When you come to Taiwan. Welcome to visit me.




比賽經歷 Competition Experience

2019 ICTMC - Final Champion

聯絡資訊 Contact

2018 5th ICRMC Winner


2018 國際咖啡烘焙大師賽總冠軍 - 馬如平

My name is Ma Ruping. Everyone calls me Ma Ping.

I am a barista and a coffee roaster. As a Q-Grader and general AST SCA.

With the knowledge and scientific logic help me better at competition.

My dream is to share coffees and the joy of coffee with more people!







比賽經歷 Competition Experience

2019 YN CRAC - 2nd Place

2018 ICRMC - Final Champion

2018 ICRMC - China Champion

2018 CCRC - 2nd Place

2017 RMC - 2nd Place

聯絡資訊 Contact

Wechat ID: 87302580

2017 4th ICRMC Winner


2017 咖啡烘焙大師賽總冠軍 - 陳浩鍵

Hello everyone, my name is Chen Haojian.

I am a roaster of Shenzhen Gee Coffee Roasters.

Coffee is only an energy drink for keeps me awake while stayed up late at the beginning.

But now I was attracted and fascinated by the rich flavor of coffee.

The happiest thing is to share with costumers of my enthusiasm for coffee.

大家好,我叫陳浩鍵,是深圳Gee Coffee Roasters的烘焙師。





比賽經歷 Competition Experience

2017 ICRMC - Final Champion

聯絡資訊 Contact

WeChat ID: chenhaojian622

WeChat Official: GeeCoffeeRoasters

2016 3rd RMC Winner


2016 咖啡烘焙大師賽總冠軍 - 余瑞芳

Hi, my name is Yu Sui Fong Wendy. I am an accountant and company secretary but same as a coffee roaster in my space time. Up to now, I am a certifier of SCA and World Siphonist Championship Certified Judge. As a coffee roaster, my responsibility is present good coffee to you. 

大家好 ! 我叫余瑞芳


比賽經歷 Competition Experience

2019 HK BMC - 2nd Place 

2016 RMC - Final Champion

2016 Coffee Power - 1st Place

聯絡資訊 Contact

Wechat ID: wendyu0112

2015 2nd RMC Winner


2015 咖啡烘焙大師賽總冠軍 - 林思浩

Hello All, my name is Lam Sze Ho (Ed Lam).

I'm a coffee roaster who likes to showcase the characteristics of the beans comprehensively. In order to achieve that, I prefer to roast using varying techniques on the same type of coffee. At the same time, I enjoy learning from other roasters as each person has their very own techniques and roast profiles. I'm still in the phase of learning , and would to exchange and discuss with you.


我是一名烘豆師,為了更全面地展現咖啡豆的不同風貌, 我很喜歡與不同的烘焙方法處理同一款豆子, 也很喜歡學習其他人的烘焙方法及曲線,因為每一位烘豆師都會有他獨特的地方,我還在學習中,我們可以一起交流交流。

咖啡認證 Certificates

2016 SCAE Grinding and Brewing Foundation

2016 SCAE Grinding and Brewing Intermediate

2016 SCAE Grinding and Brewing Professional

2016 SCAE Roasting Foundation

2016 SCAE Roasting Intermediate

2017 CQI Q Arabica Grader

比賽經歷 Competition Experience

2017  TISCA Roaster Cup (The Best Roaster) 2nd Place

2016 Toper Judge

2015 Roast Master Championship Champion

2014 Roast Master Championship 2nd Place

2011 STS Petroncini Cup Coffee Roasting Competition Champion

2009 Participated the Grand Barista Championship Hong Kong

2014 1st RMC Winner


2014 咖啡烘焙大師賽總冠軍 - 李泊洋

My name is Li Boyang. I'm a Q grader and a Coffee roaster.

Coffee roasting is a science and an art rather than a simple craft.  

It is important to integrate theory with operation by dint of sensory organs.

I hope to share with each of you the theory and experience of coffee roasting.





比賽經歷 Competition Experience

2016 Roaster Master Championship's Coach

2016 World Aromaster Championship's Coach

2015 Roaster Master Championship's Coach

2015 World Coffee Event China Region's Coach

2014 Roaster Master Championship - Final Champion

2014 Ninety Plus Roaster

2014 Q Grader Certificate

聯絡資訊 Contact

Wechat ID: lionby

2019 6th ICTMC

2019 6th ICTMC

2019 6th ICTMC


Champion - 卓瑞賢 (Cho Joih Sien)

2018 5th ICRMC

2019 6th ICTMC

2019 6th ICTMC

International Coffee Roast Master Championship Finals 馬如平

Champion - 馬如平 (Ma Ru Ping)

2017 4th ICRMC

2019 6th ICTMC

2017 4th ICRMC

2017 烘焙大師賽

Champion - 陳浩鍵 (Chen hao Jian)

2016 3rd ICRMC

2014 1st RMC 咖啡烘焙大師賽

2017 4th ICRMC


Champion - 余瑞芳 (Yu Sui Fong Wendy)

2015 2nd RMC 咖啡烘焙大師賽

2014 1st RMC 咖啡烘焙大師賽

2014 1st RMC 咖啡烘焙大師賽


Champion - 林思浩 (Lam Sze Ho)

2014 1st RMC 咖啡烘焙大師賽

2014 1st RMC 咖啡烘焙大師賽

2014 1st RMC 咖啡烘焙大師賽


Champion - 李泊洋 (Li Bo Yang)